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Happy birthday images glitter. Small villages of the Peul and Songhai, who are still able to graze their cattle in the drought of the Sahel, pass us by. In the driver's cab it is tight and hot. We are glad we do not sit behind, because there is also dusty. The track loses somewhere. "An abbreviation," says Mahmadou. A few months ago, the area was the most fertile Malis when the Niger crossed the shores during the rainy season and created a lake landscape. No car can pass this route during this time. Now there is little to see, the drought reigns again, as every year. The farther we get to the north, the more savannah becomes the desert. The growth is less, the sand more.

Happy birthday images glitter. Mahmadou has learned how to ride in this area and, along with his brother, who lives here as a shepherd, explored the route. He is the only Timbuktu driver to drive her. Twice a week he does it when it's going well. Tourists rarely ride with him. "They prefer flying," he says.

Happy birthday images glitter. Around six o'clock in the evening the car stops at the last stop before the darkness. We get out, all the others have already disappeared to pee in the scantily distributed bushes. The Muslims traditionally sitting, the Songhai also, everyone else standing, like us. The moon is in the sky like a nightcap, strictly guarded by the guardian and his dog. Here, somewhere in the desert between Mopti and Timbuktu, one is oriented to the Islamic starry sky. happy birthday pics It's cool, for the first time today. Mahmadou and his assistant Boubaca assemble spotlights on the bumper of the car. "It's uncomfortable and dusty," says Salif, saying that we should change places. He laughs as we explain to him that we are quite satisfied in the front. He asks us what we have paid for the seats, and laughs again as he learns, and climbs, shaking his head, to the deck. As we continue, it is already dark.

Happy birthday images glitter. From time to time, wüstenspringmäuse crossed our path, lured by spotlights, a springbuck and an owl, and again and again airports. Mahmadou presses against the disc. There must be no other way to fly. More worry than the chickens, however, is the generator. In order to spare them, we return miles and miles in the darkness. Sometimes Mahmadou makes the weak light flicker to orient. However, the newly added headlights slowly give up their spirits, somehow we are in the dark. Once again, everyone goes out, everyone can give a hand or give good advice. When it is clear that the damage can not be rectified here, we go on without light - not much slower than before. No more wüstenspringmäuse more, only Dornenbüsche in the moonlight.

Happy birthday images glitter. It gets increasingly sandy, and Mahmadou has to be careful not to hit the car. More and more, he shifts, rips the steering wheel, couples until the ground becomes tighter for a short time. Mahmadou has his hands full, we are smoking his cigarettes. Boubaca has to jump off the roof regularly and search the right way with the flashlight. Sometimes you can find camp fire in the darkness of the desert, there is nothing to see from Timbuktu.

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