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%STARTINCLUDE%%IF{"'%USERNAME%' ingroup 'BlogAuthorGroup' or '%USERNAME%' ingroup 'AdminGroup'" 
  then="$percntDBCALL{\"%WEB%.%TOPIC%\" section=\"tools\"}$percnt"

%STARTSECTION{"tools"}%<div class="blogSideBarSection blogAuthorTools">
<h2 >%TRANSLATE{"Tools"}%</h2>
   * [[BlogEntry][%TRANSLATE{"BlogEntries"}%]]%IF{"istopic 'TopicTemplate'" then="
   * [[TopicTemplate][%TRANSLATE{"Templates"}%]]"}%
   * [[Category][%TRANSLATE{"Categories"}%]]
   * [[WebTagList][%TRANSLATE{"Tags"}%]]
   * [[WebTopicList][%TRANSLATE{"Index"}%]]
   * [[WebChanges][%TRANSLATE{"Changes"}%]]
   * [[WebNotify][%TRANSLATE{"Notifications"}%]]
   * [[WebStatistics][%TRANSLATE{"Statistics"}%]]
   * [[WebPreferences][%TRANSLATE{"Preferences"}%]]

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